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The Power of 3 with Dr Vurtese Ep4
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Published 4 months ago |
The Power of 3 came to Dr. Vurtese after a meditation in which she sought a higher understanding of the unprecedented persistence of the elite’s use of hook and crook to force their will upon those who refuse to accept the post-human agenda, an agenda that they seek to impose on us whether we think it’s cool or not.

In this stream-of-consciousness recording, Dr. Vurtese shares the answer she received.

In seeking a higher truth to rise beyond concern about their overreach Dr. Vurtese learned that their reach wasn’t wide enough to create even a ripple in the timeline that Lightworkers have moved to.


How many videos and podcasts do people on a quest for knowledge watch or listen to in a week? How many pearls of wisdom glide by as we listen from our cars our showers while wishing we had a recorder in hand?

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