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Warning: Man claims he opened time travel wormhole portal using Solfeggio 528 hertz. Use caution!
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*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and Republic Rebel Alliance battlefront (May 2022). I introduced in the past the 528 solfeggio hertz because a Christian scholar and professor and friend at church and even Zeph Daniel and Christian Harvard graduate medical doctor Len Horowitz said that it repairs DNA, and the Internet claims that microbiologists use the 528 hertz to repair DNA using cymatics laws of nature, since cancer cells are broken DNA mutated cells. I did years of research in the area. The Rife light therapy heals cancer, as well as sound does, too, so that is why the Illuminati NWO confiscated all such research information and killed thousands and thousands of scientists who discovered those simple cures for cancer with light and sound. The 528 hertz is called the “love frequency” of Creation, and it is one of the six solfeggio tones that are used in ancient music like the Gregorian chants. It may be just a hunch, but from criminal investigative deduction, I felt something is very suspicious that the Illuminati NWO erased all truth from the YouTube, but it does not remove all the millions of 528 hertz videos, which is supposed to be the frequency that repairs DNA strands. They do not remove the videos on 432 hertz either. So, I started doing some research. I found a video by one man who claims he opened a wormhole portal to Sedona using 528 hertz and dropping it to 525 hertz. Sedona is where all the Illuminati New Age Wicca witch “alien contactee” necromancy spirit guide channeling occultists go to, in order to communicate with their ascended master fallen angel “fake aliens” devils, because there are a lot of vortex wormhole portals there. They also have Draco reptilian chimera alien and Pleiadian fallen angels’ underground bases. In the video, the man also opens a portal to a different planet or different time travel wormhole to a different place on earth and walks through it. The place seems to have two suns. After the man opened the wormhole portal and put it out on the Internet, it is reported that he disappeared 4 months later, and has never been heard from again. There are Draco reptilian chimera alien incarnate avatar pedophile cannibal Satanists trying to debunk his videos, so that gives credibility to his videos and experiments. My conclusion is to not use the 528 hertz and 432 hertz, because we do not know if it is true or a deception. It may heal your DNA or it may open wormhole portals in your body, which might bring through evil spirits. My doubt is that if it did really heal damaged DNA from radiation and toxins, then Satan Lucifer and the Illuminati NWO would be first to erase all the millions of 528 hertz and 432 hertz videos from YouTube, but they have not done so. This is why I started becoming cynical and started researching. At this point in time, I would advise being on the cautious side and not use 528 hertz or 432 hertz or any frequency on the Internet. That goes the same with orgonite. If you have used 528 hertz or orgonite, it is best you pray in case they may be deceptions. There is a possibility that the “fake aliens” fallen angel devils may be using frequency to alter the timelines at a quantum level, too, because the man in the video finds in his Bible the original Bible verse that says “lion and the lamb,” instead of the newly changed Mandela Effect’s current Bibles that says “wolf and the lamb,” which is the wolf in sheep’s clothes version. The original Bible used to say the “lion of Judah and his church the lamb,” and not the “wolf Satan Lucifer,” until they changed it with the Mandela Effect.

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