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The "Strong Delusion" of 2 Thessalonians 2 - Are you unknowingly caught-up in it?
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Published 3 months ago |
The "strong delusion" is a tool of God, it's the dividing line, it's the sheep herders staff with the hook on the end for dividing the sheep from the goats as they come through the gate into separate pens. And many a so-called "Christian" are straddling that line, most of their body, mind and soul in the world and one little toe in the church.

The strong delusion; it's not one thing, it is many many things that are intertwined together, it has many facets - knowing a few of them is helpful but the more you know of and comprehend intellectually, the less chance there is of you falling for their deceptions.

Here are a couple good rules to follow:
- If someone is famous, wealthy and has been in the spotlight for more than 5 years and is known by most, this includes Hollywood, Politics, Music, Media, Business/Industry celebs... Then the probability of them being "one of THEM"(the occultists, controllers maybe relatives of the Dynasty controlling families but with a name change) and possibly in-the-know and are knowingly complicit in their "plan", whether in a small or large way, is exceedingly high.
- Any mainstream information which is propagated by media, government, entertainment or education systems about any subject that is beyond the average persons resources, education or financial ability to easily test, verify and validate; said information, has a very high probability that they have intentionally deceived you concerning that subject. Examples: "Space", Medicine(or what really makes you sick), the true attributes of the earth we live on, "Climate Change", Voting systems, History... Just to name a few.

- There is no political solution for the deeply spiritual problems that the world faces today.
- Trump is NOT a good guy, he is NOT on our side, never was and never will be - he's a fraud, a decoy, he's an occultist, he's a specific tool with a specific job to accomplish a specific agenda.
- The Q movement and even the whole "patriot" concept is a Psyop, it's a manipulative Controlled Opposition tactical maneuver with the intent to deceive and pacify.
- Many/most of the doctors and scientists who are coming out against the government and are even in some cases exposing the truth about the fake/plandemic, the fake virus, etc. etc. Are actually occultist new-agers, even some of the ones who have a "Christian" flavor to them and yes, even some of the ones that I've put out on my channels
- It's really very insidious what they are doing and it is a massive deception which is meant to gradually bait and lure well meaning Christians into their occult activities, ideas and practices. We need to learn to extract the truth from these people without getting wrapped-up in their sorcery, but by another name - which is what many of them are into.
- One of the key signals is when they start talking about "raising your vibration" almost in the same breath that they said they believe in Jesus...
- Participating in elections is equal to providing them direct written, legal CONSENT for "them" to control you and manipulate you regardless of who actually ends up in the puppet position - voting is a fraud, a scam, an illusion to make you believe that YOU were instrumental in making something happen, which is utter BS - it's "THEIR" system and YOU have ZERO control over ANY aspect of it.
- Don't fall for this Trump "vote recount audit" ploy, they're only doing it to maintain the ILLUSION that "the people" are instrumental in selecting their own democracy - THAT'S UTTER NONSENSE!
- Their mode of operation is ORDER OUT OF CHAOS - and as it implies, they intentionally create chaos, even to the point that from a rational thinking persons point of view, that it would seem counter productive to their cause - but I assure you it is not - the more sense that it doesn't make to the masses, it's all the more confusion, fear, anxiety, hatred, violence they can illicit in everyone - they literally feed off of that fear and as long as everyone is in the state of fear, confusion and anger - THEY GOT YOU! People are the easiest to control when in those states of mind - FACT!
- Their ultimate goal, the absolute control of your "temple" - and THAT'S what this fake-demic and incessant vaccination plan is all about, killing, maiming, invalidating, causing damnation, sterilization and the absolute manipulation of your body, mind and soul.
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