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Birdflu deaths caused by 5G death towers and satellites
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Perfect Society
Published 2 months ago |
This video is evidence because I was tortured during this broadcast which was described by me: physical torture (loud intracranial frequency possibly 42 Ghz. and plasma weapon torture of my genitalia (P E P) because most people would not talk about that and they already did my teeth.
I keep clear in this broadcast that we should not kill anyone of which it is not 100% proven that the person is 1) a murderer 2) going to genocide more innocent civilians. And it must be proven that 3) there is no other or better way to stop the murderer 4) that it was and is intentional and 5) that a fair trial is impossible etcetera, which may not have come across very clearly because of the physical brain torture and torture of my genitalia.
The frequency in inner ear causing beam could also be another frequency that causes blood clots which I think because I had a bloody nose recently which I normally never have. Because I forgot that I didn't mention it in this vid.
Link to the document with all links to the studies and data used in this broadcast:
Opnieuw vogelgriep vastgesteld in Lunteren, 90.000 dieren gedood - Brave Search;source=desktop
Opnieuw vogelgriep vastgesteld in Lunteren, 90.000 dieren gedood | NOS
Bird flu detected again in Lunteren, 90,000 animals killed | NOS;_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=nl
Google News - Search;hl=en-US&gl=US&ceid=US%3Aen
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First Case of Current H5 Strain of Bird Flu Detected in US
Colorado inmate is 1st human case of bird flu in US - ABC News
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5g cruiseship covered in dead starling birds - Brave Search
5ggenocidedeadproofpopulationelon muskmass murdersatellitesbeesbirdsfreemasonsdeath towersstarlingtalpiotavian influenzadroppingstarlinkcovid-19birdfluauthenticateh1n1 h5n1 h3n8directed energy weapon torturesongbirdscorrelation linkexecute the child murderers

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