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The Naturopathic Dietitian
Published 2 months ago |
MINUTE MARK (if you want to skip my intro and story on this first video).
Hey guys! I’m the side you probably haven’t heard from yet. Medical professional - that was only semi brainwashed (or attempts made anyway). I refused to simply accept- instead I researched. Here’s my first Super impromptu video. I haven’t posted it for over a week, thinking, “it’s not really worth it.” Today I realized, it wasn’t meant for YouTube and was waiting for the right platform, censorship free. (THANK YOU BRIGHTEON - You are providing a light in a dark place!). I’ll have more structured content in the future, but I didn’t want to withhold this one. If it reaches even one person in the right way, then I’ll know why it was meant to be shared. God bless you all, and may the Lord Jesus cover us in this journey toward true freedom.

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Report to VAERS within 3 years of a vaccine injury!

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