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A Declaration of Older Folks, Age 50 and Up, Standing for Health Freedom During COVID-19
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Scriptural Scrutiny
Published 6 months ago |
(See the CDC Covid-19 statistics at the Declaration link above)
Dr. Breggin's Coronavirus Research Page:
The Declaration

I understand that because I have lived 50 years or more that I am at greater risk of becoming ill and even dying from COVID-19. I also understand that if I am suffering from other illnesses, I may be even more vulnerable. Nevertheless—

I do not want the freedom of our citizens curtailed in order to protect me. I do not want the schools shut, depriving and frightening our children and youth, when only older people are at serious risk. I do not want people told they cannot work, businesses forced to shut down and churches closed. No one should be told how many people can gather in a private home, and no one should be stopped from crossing state borders whenever they wish. I want a restoration of constitutional rights in America — and an end to the shutdowns and restrictions forced upon us in the name of COVID-19 and protecting those at greater risk. We want our country back!

Older Americans care deeply about maintaining their independence, and they value their freedom. We will take care of ourselves, manage our own affairs, and avail ourselves of any voluntary services offered by the community or government, always retaining the right to make our own healthcare choices.

We reject living in fear. It breaks our hearts to see Americans made so afraid that they give up their liberty and their freedom to think independently and to openly debate public health measures. We want our children and grandchildren, and all Americans, to live again in the land of the free and the home of the brave.
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