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2. Behold, A Pale Horse - Sycophantic Overtures
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Christopher Carrion Music
Published a month ago |
2. Behold, A Pale Horse
Words and Music By: Jesse Lacharite
Album: Sycophantic Overtures

The toll of the bell
Or the ghostly echoes of how we fell
The fields of green
Poisoned chemically
The science engineers
So the corporation can domineer
Like a plague...
They set up shop and annihilate

It's too late

Profits are up
Then there's this study that says
We're running out of stuff
We better move in
To secure the rest of the natural resources
Why waste on the populace?
When it can save just a few of us
And it's only a matter of time
Before millions die off...
Then we'll achieve
In utter secrecy
A new world order

What is money?
But a piece of paper...
And to create it
You must first create debt
A vicious cycle
A noose around your neck
The interest pays
Foreign banks
Blood money from sweat

I never sign on
For all of this
The never ending
Financial abyss
I'm tired of trying to just get by
When every door is closing
The land (in)opportunity?
What did I do? it wasn't me...
We're all just starting to see
The fucked up reality
Castles made of sand
And now the tide is coming in
Things are collapsing
Oh well turn on the TV...

Genetically modified
Emphatically pacified
Were myths perpetuate
Designed to subjugate
To move the agenda
For believing we could depend on you...

I've been feeling
For a very long time
The disconnect
Between us and them, me and mine
With so many of problems
Why aren't you working on them?
Instead of trying to control
The way I think
Just let us do what we will
We're not hurting anyone
So what is the big deal?
I'm tired of your zeal
I'm tired of this mess...
I guess I'll just sit back
And watch the world end...

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