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15 Shelters with a Tarp | Camping & Bushcraft
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15 shelters you can make with a tarp and use for bushcraft and camping in the wilderness. There are tips on what tarp I am using, how to put up a tarp, what knots to use for the ridgeline and tarp tie out points as well as guy lines. Many of these tarp setups represent bushcraft shelters. I have tried and tested many of these on solo overnight camping trips in winter and summer.

My Tarp (US):
My Tarp (UK):
Paracord (US):
Paracord (UK):

0:00 - Intro
02:13 - Ridgeline Knots
03:31 - Adirondack Shelter
04:07 - Prussic Knot
06:26 - Basic Lean-to
07:28 - Lean-to with Roof
07:50 - Guy Line Hitch
08:50 - A-frame Shelter
09:13 - Flying A-frame
10:02 - Diamond Fly
11:06 - C-Fly
12:15 - C-Fly Wedge
12:31 - Bodybag
13:23 - Extended A-frame
13:44 - Stealth Shelter
14:48 - Ground Bivi
15:34 - Tarp Tipi
16:30 - Tarp Tent
18:15 - Plow Point Shelter

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