The U.S. is about to run out of diesel fuel
105 views • 10/28/2022

From the October 27, 2022 Tucker Carlson Tonight show. Here is the 13 minute video segment it was taken from. It is a "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" and VERY informative segment to watch.

We Warned EVERYONE in Our Testimony:

"The Great Worldwide coming Famine, will be brought about... gasoline prices skyrocketing, so high, that truckers will not want to transport goods any more; but some of the oil refineries will be destroyed in the next coming disasters, and they will have to raise gas prices." (- from the Testimony: April 6, 2010)

"But what will happen then – when the gas and the food are cut off? How will they sustain themselves then? - If they will not prepare now? Many have resolved in their hearts, that when the crisis does come, they will simply start looting the grocery stores, and then house to house, collecting what they need by force, if necessary." (- from the Testimony: September 10, 2011)

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