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The Criminals' Narrative is Crumbling : bring them to Public Law Courts !
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Published 8 months ago |
Source : published by O'Believers

The biggest crime ever! It concludes mainly 2 hoaxes:

First hoax: There is a virus circulating, the so called COVID-19 and no one since the scamdamic started till now was able to isolate the so called COVID-19 virus, it doesn't exist, and if there are some cases it's just Flu cases being boosted due to lack of real food that has real nutrition, lack of organic healthy soil for organic food, and lack of healthy environment in the so called civilized cities.

The second hoax: That the death shots the so called vaccines will treat the virus which doesn't exist in the first place. All the jabs meant to genetically modify man kind body and it got nothing to do with virus treatment .

The second Hoax (vaccine) was not possible till the criminals were able to pass the first hoax (COVID-19).

May God help us. The real thing coming soon, since all vaccinated trans-human are shedding the Spike Protein, hence billions will be infected with type of HIV 2.0 virus, unless a miracle happens nothing can stop this genocide.

Why they unleashed this crime against Man kind you might ask? Why the criminals decided to either own us or kill us all? Well, we the living Man and Women are exposing their mega Fraud that has been going ON for thousands of years!

Check TASA to know the Mega Fraud:
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