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Leaked Info Proving The Existence of Harvesting Adrenochrome
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Published a year ago

This is a data dump, a series of documents on the existence of adrenochrome. The volume is extensive and important to share. It shows that it is highly unlikely that all these documents are falsified or created by a LARP (live-action role-playing).

For those who do not know what adrenochrome is, it's a substance used as a drug and life elixir, a substance believed to prolong life indefinitely. The drug is the most expensive on the market and extremely popular among Hollywood stars

When the child is in an extreme state of pain and fear, the blood is harvested. This happens in the so-called Adrenochrome Harvesting Sites on an industrial scale, with a worldwide Network, as these documents point out.

It started with a letter that was sent to a German blogger.

Dear Mr Schaefer,

I'm sending you the photocopies and printouts because I am afraid.

I ordered USB sticks on Amazon, receiving them last week. One stick had an open package. There was data on it, PDF texts. At first, I wanted to send the stick back but then I thought, no let's first see what's on it. I do not understand English very well but what I understand is that it was a list of abducted children. They are probably caught and abused.

It is terribly sad a company called CYM run scams, evaluating children. They offer to sell adrenochrome.

Disposal means elimination.

Here are hundreds of pages and I can only print out a few. There are also list of names and photos of adults I think are the people who keep the children captive

She sent this these files to this blog because he was writing about QAnon and Trump's plan.

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