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Nazi Jews will wipe out 7 billion people if we don't stop them! + NPC collection
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Perfect Society
Published 2 months ago |
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All vaccine research eventually leads to Bill Gates and Nazi eugenics… vaccines used as vector for depopulation experiments

Exposing Bill Gates's Criminal Psychopathology, Fraudulent Concealment, Terroristic Threatening, and Treason - Exposingvaccinegenocide

The Rockefellers aided and abetted the Nazi's and even funded the "work" of Joseph Mengele: The Rockefeller Foundation even funded some of the research conducted by Josef Mengele before he went to Auschwitz. wiki/Nazi_eugenics Read the Covid-19 National Testing Planđź“° (rockefellerfoundation org)
Nazi eugenics - Wikipedia

Jeffrey Epstein Hoped to Seed Human Race With His DNA - The New York Times

Cobden Club Memo Circulated at ECO-92 EARTH CHARTER: More Evidence of Genocide Agenda

Study Suggests Adolf Hitler Had Jewish and African Ancestors - HISTORY

Either way, Hitler's totalitarian New World Order (neuordnung third reich) pursuit cost the lives of 60 million Europeans yet many only talk about "6 million Jews".
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