Synthetic ZINC and Neuro-damage? Morley Robbins
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Expert researcher and mineral GURU, Morley Robbins on zinc:

"[Synthetic] Zinc has known properties of blocking copper uptake...Zinc is known to stop one of the most important copper enzymes, cytochrome c oxidase [Complex IV]. Cytochrome c oxidase is in our mitochondria. It turns oxygen into water to release energy. Zinc will stop that enzyme. And another show stopper is zinc stops another key copper enzyme called ferro-oxidase. [Ferro-oxidase] is the enzyme that turns ferrous-iron into ferro-iron so it can be used properly [is bio-available] in the body....Zinc is very much implicated in neuro-degeneration because of what it does to block copper....The more refined research is pointing the finger at zinc and iron [as the bad guys], not at copper." ~ Morley Robbins

Bio-available copper drives your energy production. "Copper is the only metal on the planet that can activate oxygen and turn it into water." ~ Morley Robbins

FULL PRESENTATION: Scientist And Health Expert Morley Robbins Shares Everything You Should Know About Health But Probably Don’t (And What You Can Do)(Ep. 341). The Deep Wealth Podcast with Jeffrey Feldberg. Fast forward to approx 40 minutes.

Morley Robbins: Welcome to Wellness at

The Root Cause Protocol STOPS:

"STOP Taking iron supplements, iron fortified foods, anything with ‘added iron’.

"STOP Taking vitamin D3 supplements or ANY foods fortified with vitamin D.

"STOP Taking calcium supplements.

"STOP Taking zinc supplements.

"STOP Taking molybdenum supplements.

"STOP Taking one-a-day multivitamins, prenatals, etc.

"STOP Taking B vitamins from a bottle (get them from food!)

"STOP Using synthetic forms of ascorbate/ascorbic acid and citrate/citric acid. Take whole food vitamin c.

"STOP Using high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and artificial sweeteners. They cause metabolic syndrome.

"STOP Using industrialized omega-6 oils (e.g. soybean oil, canola oil, etc.). They cause cancer.

"STOP Using fluoride (e.g. in toothpaste, water, etc.) Fluoride is a neurotoxin.

"STOP Using colloidal silver as an antibiotic (Nano-Silver is ok).

"STOP Eating low-fat, high-carb, processed, refined foods.

"STOP Exposure to environmental toxins, including unchecked blue light exposure and EMFs from electronic devices.

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