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Published 7 months ago |
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China has let people from the BBC in to interview students of their "Thought Transformation" Camps, this is just another way to say re-education camps. In fact, if this is physically being carried out by some sort of state-sponsored entity, you can guarantee, to some degree, that a form of 'thought transformation' is occurring on a larger scale. At the time of recording this weeks episode, President Donald Trump held a Social Media Summit (not like we did, earlier this year in Texas) where he didn't include traditional media, and instead gathered online personalities - We'll talk more as this develops.

How does this tie into thought transformation? Well, while the whole of society has been whipped into a fervor courtesy of a runaway media radicalizing the populous, the real people in control have been slowly siphoning off their sustenance from us. Jefferey Epstein was recently re-arrested for trafficking in minors, and now information is coming out about his possible involvement with intelligence agencies; As if that makes the trafficking of children acceptable.

This, and more, are the current talking points of our society. As the wickedness that has sustained America for so long surfaces, we address the necessary actions required from each individual to keep it in check, and to build a more prosperous future. As I've been saying for almost a year now, "Evil is evolving, and righteousness must rise to meet it.", and that statement still stands true today. From Climate Change to Space Travel, our collective futures will be arduous but rewarding.

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