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Republic in Flux, this current chaos explained - (Probably Alexandra)
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Published 2 months ago |
In this video, Alexandra explains the game that is being played AGAINST US, "Order out of Chaos", and what it's leading to.

If some of you are looking at the total dipshittery of the past year and a half and wondering how there could be so much bizarre and absurd nonsense happening, with at least half the masked-zombie population accepting it as the "new abnormal"; from the fake-demic, the fairy-tale "virus", the potentially DNA altering toxic witches potion being FORCED on the population of the WORLD even though it has already killed more people than the alleged unicorn "virus" is claimed to have, and then there's the absolute fraud of a so-called election, where this total buffoon who didn't even have crickets show-up at his rallies, is being touted as a world leader president... And EVERYONE in all mainstream media is repeating like a broken parrot, "{parrot sound} Rrrrraaaack!, the new "variant" is killing everyone, get your mandated vaccine, get your mandated vaccine, get your mandated vaccine, Rrrrraaaack! everyone is dying of covid, Rrrraaack, covid-19, covid-19,covid-19,covid-19,covid-19, put your mask on even when you're taking a dump or we're all gonna die, Rrrraaack, the pedophile-puppet-chief is the leader of the free world, we love you Joe, we love you Joe..., Rrrrraaack!!!, VACCINE MANDATE VACCINE MANDATE VACCINE MANDATE VACCINE MANDATE!!!, Rrrrraaaack!..... "

I mean, the word BIZARRE is a complete understatement. Remember, this is all STAGED, it's an act, they INTEND to look insane and bizarre, that's because this is the SETUP PHASE of the Long-Con job, it's a hustle, a grift, we're being TAKEN, tricked, fooled, duped, bamboozled,....

I agree with Alexandra on this, this is how they operate, this is how these demon possessed Lucifer worshiping controllers make giant sweeping changes - using the Hegelian Dialectic with "bad cop", "good cop", Dark Side World Order, Light Side World Order, (both are the same evil, it's a trick, a con).

The Dialectic works by pushing something to one insane EXTREME side, then holding it there for a while, thus completely mentally BREAKING at least half the mass population ("CHECK"), and not letting up until those who haven't broke (aka, the mentally stable intelligent ones who aren't falling for it all), begin to show signs of revolt, (brewing), and then "they" will introduce "THE HERO": So they then can now swing it towards the middle, where at some point you will believe that giving up your freedoms for the short term is the solution offered by the hero, and it will SEEM reasonable when he says it: this "good cop" con-man could be Trump, I don't know, but whom ever it is, it's STILL ONE OF THEM!!!! Only playing "good cop" - people will welcome the calming words of reason from the hero good cop with open arms, they'll vote for him, stump for him, send him money, and even offer to have his child...screaming, "JUST PLEASE MAKE THINKS SEEM NORMAL AGAIN!" But then the surprise comes, there will be fanatic opposition on the other side, bad events(false flags) will happen everywhere (this IS the so-called "PLAN" that the cult of Q keeps talking about, the "STORM", only the morons who fell for this won't realize that's the "plan" until it's too late.

There are no "good guys" on the political scene, this all an ILLUSION, and I'll say it again, there is no political solution for this deeply spiritual problem, it only gets worse from here on out, that's biblical, (even when it SEEMS to get better); the only solution to all this has yet to arrive in the clouds - but don't forget, before that happens, there needs to be a One World Government in place (the New World Order (United Nations currently as a placeholder)) and controlled by a Religio-political entity(I'll give you one guess who that is), AND, in addition to that, the false christ must first appear on the scene and fool nearly everyone, except a very small remnant of true believers in Yeshua(Jesus). There will be chaos and tribulation as never seen before, and it will be on a world wide scale, you think the current bizarro-world is bad now, we ain't seen nuthin' yet: Most of the world will die off (one way or another), a large portion of the resources and plants and animals will die, and then just before it looks like it's all over for the world, THEN Jesus comes in the sky, then the dead believers will rise to meet him in the air, THEN those very few remaining alive who truly believe in Him will be taken up with Him AND EVERY EYE WILL SEE IT HAPPEN. There is no, "Sudden secret "rapture", get out before the tribulation", card, that's a false doctrine that originated from the "Woman who rode the BEAST" Jesuit order. (If anyone is interested, shoot me an email and I'll send you the details on this Jesuit deception - it quite easy, it's in their own words and the Jesuits take full credit for it, they're quite proud that they deceived nearly all protestants into falling for it.)
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