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Prepare For Change Interview on Venusian Answers to My questions & more important Revelations of Natural Earth Changes Soon To Affect The Entire Planet
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The Promise Revealed
Published 2 months ago |

By Rob Potter, Description below my contact information. Please Visit my website Join me this spring on a Hidden Secrets Cruise to The Mexican Riviera on April 7-14- 2023 receive a healing session with me on the cruise by using my name. You will also get a discount if you bring a guest to share a room! A woman I know needs a person to share a room so contact me at [email protected] To learn more about the cruise go here Read this article here; Read the entire Venusian message here including Valiant Thors This video goes into many deep subjects including Solar Warming caused by a hydrogen cloud that will influence our solar system for another 100 years. This 55 million-mile-long hydrogen cloud is heating the solar system between the planets at a temperature of 10,000 degrees! This cloud will interact with the natural cycles of solar flares that will be turbo-charged by the hydrogen cloud! This phenomenon according to the Venusians will interact with the earth on many electromagnetic levels we probably do not understand at this time. This situation will cause communication systems satellites and may even result in a natural EMP over the planet. This of course will result in electrical systems and products failing completely. I am not an expert in EMP but I would postulate cars and other electrical products may be permanently or temporarily unusable. My Secret Space program contact said it will make cars unusable. More importantly than focusing on the negative outcome it is important that we come together in free-form associations to prepare for the coming changes. I feel that we should focus on ourselves first and then find kindred spirits to associate with and share resources to create a community within and amongst ourselves. The Venusians further shared that there will be an asteroid to come between the earth and the sun in the year 2009! This will cause some earthquakes and volcanic activity and possibly trigger some ocean tsunamis. This is another thing to be aware of and to prepare contingencies for if you are so inclined. Do not panic These are simply a gift and forewarnings from our Venusian Guardians out of love and to lessen suffering and give people time to emotionally and physically prepare. Let those with ears hear I must say I share this not to create fear but encourage us all to realize we co-create our own reality. To help our brothers and sisters as they wake up to what has been happening. We can create many wonderful new platforms in terms of money and on many other aspects of our societal infrastructure. All of these positive changes can happen despite the natural disasters that may or may not take place in the locations where we reside. We also talk about evacuations in the interview and the galactic presence nurturing the earth's development to bring the reality of the NEW EARTH to fruition. Rob

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