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Stefan Molyneux
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"You've spoken with me before, and it helped so much. I just was itching to talk with you one more time about my own children, because before we spoke about my family of origin.

"So, my daughter is eight years old. She's a wonderful girl, super fun and creative and goofy... but she has what I'll call 'dark mode,' where it's a lot of negative behaviors, panic attacks, screaming, expressing feelings of worthlessness. It's just... it's terrible. It's terrible for her. It's terrible to experience.

"I'm worried about what you say sometimes, that adage about, by seven years old, someone's personality is sort of set for life.

"So, what I'm hoping to get out of the conversation is, what what did I do to create this dark mode? What I'm doing to try and repair it, if that's enough? I'd like to get your perspective on everything that I've done as a parent and how I can be better at it.

"Another part that of this that really terrifies me is that my my own sister, at seven years old, there's this family story about how she ran away for the afternoon. When my parents found her, she was screaming and raging at them, telling my parents to kill her! My parents kind of tell it as just, 'Well, we don't know what what happened!' and they never did anything for her. Her life has turned out by her own estimation, she's just a wreck and we have like zero relationship now. To see that same thing echoing in my own daughter is just: 'Ahh! I need to do something!'"

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