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Episode #006-B The HOLY NAMES of God the Father and the Son - Part “B”
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David N. Godwin
Published 3 months ago |
This is the second part of the 3-part series concerning the true names of God the Father and God the Son. We will discuss the various elements of history, culture, religion, truth, and deception that caused the Sacred and Holy Names of the Gods to be perverted and lost over time.

God said that in the end times, those names would be remembered and known as the gathering of the Tribes of Yasharel were all gathered together as the Bride, to be united with the Bride Groom, that is the culmination of God's plan.

Knowing and using the Sacred and Holy names of the Gods are absolutely essential to the salvation of mankind. It has been perverted, lost over time, and kept from you for a specific reason. It is an essential part of God's test for you.

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