Male & Female Made In Image of God Means God Is The Breasted One - TD Jakes (False Teacher)
45 views • 01/19/2022
TD Jake says that since both male and female were made in the image of God, that means God is the breasted one.

Mankind's physical image has nothing to do with God's image and likeness.

Started looking at that, I started thinking about coverings. And when I started thinking about covering, I started thinking about clothing. And when I started thinking about clothing, I begin to recognize that at his core, Paul is telling us that God is a dressmaker.

Forgive the feminine usage. Normally when we think of dressmakers we think of women. They don't have to be, but we normally think of women. But if we use that in reference to God, God is not insulted, because after all, he is our Father, but he is also the breasted one.

He does not leave the woman out in describing his likeness. The woman is just as much in his likeness and in his image, as a man is.
-TD Jakes, November 3, 2019

TD Jakes is another false teacher. Discernment from the Holy Spirit is needed to weed this apostasy from our lives. This is not the truth that's in God's Word.

Then there are those that say, clips like this one, are cherry-picked (chopped to discredit). The full context to the meaning is lost or misunderstood because we didn't go back or forward enough to fully understand what was said.

Below is the link to the whole video. You be the judge.

The Dressmaker | Bishop T.D. Jakes
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