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The Lost History of Flat Earth FULL
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Published 4 months ago |
We inherited this world from what use to be a place of love and harmony. The great reset took it from us to create a plantation of slaves. Believe what you want to believe but remember the elite/cabal only lie to you. They are lying about everything. The book "The Iron Republic" describes a city just like we use to have here inside the ice wall. The citizens of the iron republic left America in the 1600"s and travelled outside the ice wall to find lands and create a harmonious society. In the 1800's inside the ice wall the demons in charge decided to create slaves instead of peaceful, loving citizens. Slaves are dependent on government and this helped them retain power and control the population. A free society full of love and peace was not good enough for the demons that controlled our world then and currently. We had free energy, so they took it and created fossil fuels. We had peace and love so they create division. They feed on negative energy and our world was a positive special place they destroyed. If you dont watch the entire video then do not criticize me or anyone that believes in our lost civilization. It would be pathetic to do so not having watched the evidence and gathered facts. A big FUCK YOU
(up front) to any negative comments.
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