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Tesla Light Bulb107 = SparkPlug + CopperCoil. No Magnet?
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Thank You Home Tech! How Does Tesla EM Free Energy Work? The magnetic field around/between a magnet(s) opens an electro-magnetic (EM) energy-window-electron-vortex from the atmospheric energy (orgone)? Or the magnetic energy-window amplifies the energy flowing into the copper coil? The electron vortex concentrates in the attached/nearby copper coil? The electron vortex flows (is guided) along/around the copper wire to power the device?

EM Zero Point Energy Device Analysis: How Many Magnets? How Many Copper Coils? How close to each other? Where does energy enter the system? 1.) Magnet strength & number of magnets? 2.) Copper coil location, amount, connection to device? 3.) type of device?

Jerry Tennant MD New Atomic Theory Explained

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