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On June 10, 2022 I received, via email, a warning from Youtube informing me that content I posted on April 7th of 2022 violated their “medical misinformation policy”. I’m very familiar with this tactic as Youtube used this very same policy to remove my entire channel last year. With each warning, including this one, and each subsequent strike thereafter, I appealed asking two simple questions: 1- What did I say exactly that violated the policy? 2- Was what I said factually inaccurate? In all of the warnings and strikes received Youtube has never answered these two simple questions. If you’ve never personally had to deal with this process then you are probably unaware that the option to appeal does not include a back and forth dialogue of any kind, which renders the practice more for show than it is for the protection of Youtube’s community guidelines. Their medical misinformation policy reads thus; “Youtube doesn’t allow claims about C19 vaccinations that contradict expert consensus (which is just opinion not scientific fact)  from local health authorities or the WHO.” If you follow my content you know that truth is the most important thing to me and I always include reference links to support my assertions. Now I’m not infallible, but it became clear to me after my first strike that YouTube had decided which institutions were legitimate and anyone contradicting that imposed legitimacy would be punished regardless of the facts. Essentially, Youtube cares more about selling you dirty water and they don’t even want clean water allowed on their platform as an option for their community. It is for this reason, that in spite their claims to prioritize community safety, they have abandoned the truth and therefore have abandoned any moral high ground. They are a private company and can do as they wish, but if they’re a private company doing business in the U.S. and they refuse to uphold the doctrine this county was founded on, then they are a private company that shouldn’t be allowed to do business in the U.S.. And if their business is information, then not only should they not be able to do business here, but if they are strategically allowing the dissemination of lies and anti-American rhetoric while at the same time suppressing the truth as well as any pro-American message, then not only should they be shutdown, but they should be prosecuted for treason.   


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