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Why Are Taxpayers Bailing Out MSM & Are People Reaching The Tipping Point?
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Published 2 months ago |
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Why are the taxpayers bailing out the MSM -

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Hold the line, they're afraid of you -

Australia about to reach the tipping point -

Mayorkas tells illegals how to game the system -

Will the US default in October -

Operation Dark Winter -

This guy tried to tell people back in the 90s -

Who knew green energy doesn't work -

Afghan kids don't have to wear masks -;utm_medium=PostT

6 months in prison for a misdemeanor, our justice system is beyond broken -

Commiefornia is full woke, no more gas generators -

Recommended reading, Covid Fact Sheet -

Another dumb bint says her dog is a vegetarian by choice -

Steve Inman -

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