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How to Naturally Increase IGF1 - Insulin Like Growth Factor 1
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Holistic Herbalist
Published 3 months ago |

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0:00 Introduction

3:38 Zinc

4:38 Protein

5:33 Vitamin C

6:15 Blueberries

6:57 Magnesium

7:48 Selenium

8:36 Cinnamon

9:05 Vitamin D

9:55 Thiamine

10:31 Dried Plum - Prune

11:03 Probiotics

11:42 Dehydroepiandrosterone - DHEA

12:48 Taurine

13:12 Resveratrol

13:55 Leucine

14:29 Astragalus

14:55 Colostrum

15:30 Acetyl-L-Carnitine

16:15 Creatine

16:48 Ursolic Acid

17:30 Hydroxy Methyl Butyrate

17:49 Coenzyme Q10

18:30 Low-Level Laser Therapy

18:52 Exercise

19:50 Deep Sleep

20:43 Reduce Inflammation

21:42 Avoid or Limit Alcohol

22:12 Sauna Sessions


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