Covid Vaccine = Russian Roulette With Your Health WARNING TO HUMANITY
190 views • 01/16/2021
Dr Coldwell - 14 Jan 2021

This is not a vaccine.

It is a MRNA packed in a fat envelope delivered to a cell. It is a device. It is designed to stimulate the human cell into becoming a pathogen creator.

It is not a vaccine. A vaccine is a legally defined term under public health law . A vaccine has to stimulate immunity within the person and stave off transmission . This does neither.

It’s a treatment. But it cant be presented as a treatment people would ask for other options.
The reason it’s being called a vaccine is to abuse the 1905 Jacobsen case law. it is a chemical pathogen device that is meant to unleash a chemical pathogen action within a call. It is a micomedical device injected.
In laymen’s terms it’s a synthetic pathogen. It is intended to make you sick to cause autoimmune issues keeping you an I’ll money maker for big pharma indefinitely.

80% of those injected so far have had a clinical adverse event. It may cause multiple sclerosis, leu gerigs disease, and Alzheimer’s.

It will not stop you from transmitting anything. Nor will it prevent any virus infection.

This is transcribed from the video posted above.
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