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In this information-packed return to our normal routine, I’m actually handicapped by a brief touch of the flu. So, not only will you get your news, but you’ll also have your host fighting off the dreaded brain fog we discuss so heavily on the show. Personal issues aside, we delve into why this acknowledgement of one’s personal issues in comparison to larger agendas is necessary.

With 11,000 scientists publicly calling for population control, do we have time to be sick? Drug cartels and foreign governments are shipping in tainted antibiotics with the intent to cause even further harm to the populous, and now, with fentanyl finding its way in counterfeit prescription pills, one can never be too safe. People, sober minded and still sick, are killing one another over alleged drug money and unfortunately even Popeye’s Chicken sandwiches.

Truly, the days we are in are almost so historic, that we cannot recognize the threat level. Civil unrest has become common place with violence quietly trailing behind it, and all we can seemingly do these days is be worried into a state of paralysis, sleepwalking towards our own end. So I ask you, again, do we have time to be sick?

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