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Feb12,2022 - Riot-patrol/military arrives at Ambassador-bridge on Michigan/Canda border :(
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i do not want to lie to you. i am terrified. i can not sleep well, sometimes during the day and night i am constantly assaulted by "spiritual-warfare" (Ephesians 6) , (by the way if you did not know, the pineal-gland in the brain is somehow part of GOD-the-CREATOR-ALMIGHTY'S way to communicate to people as GOD said in John10 and in Joel2 via the Holy Spirit, its actually sensitive to different electro-magnetic frequencies so its almost like a wifi-receiver, unfortunately the bad-evil-spirits communicate to us also and thus john10 is very important to distinguish between the voice of GOD and the enemy). Anyways i am terrified, now, right now, we are all living in the middle of revelation13, that now we see the beginnings of the "war on the saints" and that they will have their "Mark of the Beast" MOTB 666 enforced whether its thru 1 or more multiple mechanisms : nano-bluetooth-routers inside the vax, or embedded-RFID-chip showing proof-of-vax and your identity, or biometric-identification via facial-scan or eyeball-retinal-scan, or finger-print-scan, or whatever, even simple drivers-license-card or paper-proof-of-vax-card coupled with your credit-card or debit-card, i don't know ..... i personally do not think they can totally get rid of cash but what do i know i never saw this coming i was ready to get the vax but as soon as i found out the jandj show was banned by the FDA because of strokes back in april-2021 i unintentionally "got-red-pilled" and then decided to do my own investigation and now that it is february-2022 after listening and believing in people like Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Vladamir Zelenko and hundreds of good-doctors good-scientists who found real-statistical-data showing the vax is evil.
Anyways, i am terrified, revelation 13 war on the saints is now, and as you can see the "beast" the "united-nations-system" sent soldiers to squash the freedom-convoy in Canada (i would not be surprised if those soldiers are from many different nations all pitched in by the different countries part of this Agenda2030 thing or Klaus Schwab's "great reset 4th industrial revolution thing"). I am terrified, the Nuremburg Code is dead, the constitution of the United States is dead. We all really need Jesus to come back soon. That may not be good news for people who hate Jesus or deny Jesus. The window to "repent" and turn back to Jesus Christ is closing and soon will be totally closed sometime within the next 7 years i believe. Jesus is the only perfect human to pay for your sins on the cross, since you can not pay for your own sins no matter how much you do or give to try and "balance the scales of justice", i don't care if you are buddhist or shinto or islam or hindu or protestant or catholic or atheist or a satan worshipper i don't care, everyone has sinned at least once in their lifetime, nobody is perfect, we all deserve "the second death" which is absolute deletion forever no back-up no restoration of "data" all of the bits which make up who we individually are will be zeroed-out forever. Jesus died so you can know GOD thru the Holy Spirit. A warning to religious people out there including me : i do not think it is "once saved always saved" in other words just because you knew Jesus when you were younger for a short period of time is not good enough. You can be divorced from Jesus you can break-up with Jesus and you can love something/someone else more than Jesus whether it is your money or your stuff or your career or drugs or sex whatever. In Matthew 7 it proves GOD can never be fooled. GOD can never be deceived. GOD knows how to read us all. GOD created the brain and the brain-waves and the synapses and the neurons and all the bio-chemical signalling that takes place in the brain making up your memories and your character and your emotions and your past. GOD is the great-physician who wants to heal you of any PTSD or trauma you may have experienced in the past. But like i said about Matthew 7, GOD knows whether you really want to "know" GOD or not, whether you are just a "fair-weather friend" or reject GOD or have idols, and this includes me too, GOD knows what a crappy stupid backslidden so-called "christian believer" i was too (and i paid for it and am still paying for it in many ways). But i come crawling back to Jesus the King of Kings the Lord of Lords now right now on my knees begging Jesus/the Father/the Holy Spirit to forgive me of all my sins past present and future all my character flaws. Why ?? because i am terrified i am terrified about the 5th seal in revelation it says many beheaded. i do believe governments like the U.S.A. and Canada did purchase guillotines to be used in their FEMA/quarantine camps to kill christians, like it said in revelation13 the war on the saints. i am terrifed.
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