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'Law Professor responds to WOKE university
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Published 3 years ago
Law Professor responds to WOKE university
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David K. Clements
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UPDATE: FULL unedited ABC NEWS DEBATE between Professor and Activist HERE:


We have too many liberal professors in this country who brainwashed our children for many generation. Thanks for your sincere encouragement to speak your mind.

I am a physicist in Abq, and want thank you for speaking out. Our state is so corrupt, we need more in a position of authority to speak out. Thank you!

Prof Clements looks exactly like he belongs in the New Mexico Governor's Mansion, doesn’t he?

Please download this video and make hard copies of it to re-post it after it is removed. We cannot be censored if we continue to speak the truth.

Absolutely courageous! This is as truthful as I have seen and reflects the best in our NMSU faculty. I salute you for speaking out and I am encouraged that if more do the same, our nation may return to sanity.

"The Institution", as a taxpayer funded entity, needs to disappear.

My father grandfather, and great-grandfather were all died-in-the-wool Democrats and, if any of them were alive today, they would say that the Democrat party has been usurped by communists.
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