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Ship Designer of Space Sim in Alpha Development
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Published 5 months ago |
Description of this video further down after this summary of why I'm uploading videos on Brighteon now. I'm a game indie developer and got in trouble with youtube/communistTube for uploading a video less than 2 minutes that showed the blm terrorist group running around with assault rifles. Communist Tube said I committed "hate speech." I then went to Bitchute but Bitchute is censoring now. Google doesn't have nice things to say about Brighteon so I know this is the right place to be. I have a blog on my website,, where I also post about politics and the fact Joe Blowjob did NOT win the 2020 election.

I’m working on a space simulation game. The end of last month I came out with a level editor, the solar system creator/Cartographer, which I’ll use to create the star systems and galaxy map for the game. It will also allow players to create their own maps/star systems for the game.

Now I’ve started work on the game’s hull designer. It’s in the early stages. I’m gong to get the mechanics worked out before I add much better looking ship hull pieces to the hull designer. Currently the user creates the ships placing different 3D pieces on a grid. The resulting 3D model built in game can then be saved to the hard disk. Just a simple video with no sound.

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