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Sanexas, CET, and Neuropathy with Dr Elliot Hirshorn | Conners Clinic Live
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Conners Clinic
Published 2 years ago |
Dr Conners discusses CET (Combined Electrochemical Treatment) using Sanexas technology with Dr Elliot Hirshorn. CET is a Non-Surgical, Safe, and Proven solution to treat Pain caused by Peripheral Neuropathy and other challenging diseases.

Combined Electrochemical Treatment uses a technique called electric cell signaling, based on the physics of resonance. Resonance is the electrical signaling between cells. Resonance is similar to when a piano is tuned. The tuner strikes the piano string to adjust the energy that vibrates along it to create sound. Adjusting the string creates the ideal pitch or tone for the piano.

Electric cell signaling is similar, and the goal is to optimize the energy levels (the resonance) between your cells. When these signals are optimized and correctly ‘tuned’, intercellular communication is normalized. Your cells are able to successfully transfer energy that’s used to heal injured tissues and relieve pain.

In addition to the electrical cell signaling, a key part of the CET treatment in the injection of nutrients vital to the repair and healing of the nerves. Most people know that when a woman is pregnant she takes prenatal vitamins to make sure the baby’s brain develops well. The same is true as your own nerves are healing – we need to supply them with critical vitamins and minerals so they can heal and repair in a healthy way.

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