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The Ukraine CRISES Is Much More Than Most People Know; The Deep State Wanted This WAR - IT'S ALL CONNECTED!!!
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Biden wants UKRAINE burned down. Inside the chaos they plan do an inside job (CIA style ops) & destroy servers & all data points that link money laundering, BILLIONS in illegal stolen Oil/Gas deals & distribution. See Burisma Holdings Limited... What is Burisma Holdings & how does it tie in with all this corruption? Here's the story behind the scandal-tied Ukraine firm that hired Hunter Biden. The Ukrainians were doing a large investigation into BIDEN & OBAMA & have alot of evidence & closed indictments against them. These indictments have to do with the Joe Biden Quid Pro Quo to save Hunter Biden & his own neck. The Obama Administration also strong armed Ukraine NOT to investigate ‘Mega-Donor’ George Soros. The OBAMA administration was also being exposed for the alleged FAKE killing of Osama Bin Laden where the IRANIAN government protected Bin Laden & gave OBAMA a fake decoy to apprehend & KILL by Seal Team 6. Either the plot to trick OBAMA worked or he being a Muslim terrorist himself was in on it from the start. Either way, moments after the supposed apprehension & killing of Bin Laden, Obama gave a speech that Bin Laden was captured & killed. Americans rejoiced & Obama's sinking pole numbers were instantly propped up & he was re-elected. Minutes after OBAMA gave his speech on the "capture of Bin Laden", Seal Team 6 identified the dead body as not being Bin Laden. They knew it was a decoy but it was too late. OBAMA had already given the speech only seconds earlier. On May 2, 2011, the body was slid into the Arabian Sea. CIA whistleblower Allan Harrow Parrot has exposed Biden’s alleged role with the deaths of Seal Team 6 & claims to have documented proof of blackmail /extortion of $152 Billion US dollars, that was sent to Iran to cover up the deaths of Seal Team 6 by the Obama/Biden administration. The IRANIANS PLAN HAD WORKED & OBAMA CAME INTO CONTROL UNDER IRANIAN BLACKMAIL. They had everything on OBAMA, the lies & the proof. That's why OBAMA paid 1.7 BILLION in cash in pallets to IRAN & Hillary Clinton set up the deaths of the Seal Team Six from that special operation. This all also connects to the The Bergdahl Ransom as well which freed the five Taliban "big shots" Obama traded for Bergdahl. It's well documented that one of the five Taliban commanders who was released from Guantanamo Bay in 2014 by former President Barack Obama in exchange for Army deserter & Muslim terrorist Bowe Bergdahl, emerged as a key figure who helped the Taliban insurgents seize power & retake Afghanistan. It's not a coincidence that Joe Biden left some $85 Billion worth of America’s most advanced military technology behind in Afghanistan. The BILLIONS that went to IRAN was traded/money laundered into UKRAINE markets (i.e. oil, gas, weapons, estate) & into Europe's largest human trafficking network. FLASHBACK: Do you remember when Obama released his "Birth Certificate" & it was such a shotty job that they forgot to flatten the image in photoshop which meant it showed which layers were doctored? Forensic & Photoshop experts came out saying it was a fake. What happened the next day? It was plastered all over the news, that they got Osama Bin Laden. Go figure... Back to PRESENT DAY... Now BIDEN, OBAMA & the rest of the deep state CABAL want UKRAINE destroyed which is why they used NATO troops to insight Russia to invade Ukraine. The globalist spawns of Satan are now using the Ukraine CRISIS as a massive distraction campaign to distract everyone from their NWO CCP linked COVID-19 genocide/tyranny & the corresponding decaying PLANDEMIC narratives, to explain away hyper inflation, falling markets, & supply chain interruptions (all of which they caused by design), & to distract your attention away from the DURHAM Indictments/Investigation heading to OBAMA, BIDEN, HILLARY, & countless others because it connects all the dots & EXPOSES the CABAL (i.e. the Davos Group, the WEF, the Vatican, UK Majesty, the CCP, etc.).

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