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Common Law has been replaced by Talmudic Law
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InfoWarriors of Norway
Published 8 months ago |
Common Law has been removed from all courts and replaced by the NWO pedophile accepting Talmudic Law that deems everyone who is not in the elite as animals, underdogs, and without rights, not having the right to own property or even the right to life. The New World Order call this Noahide Laws.

All presidents/prime ministers worldwide have agreed to this - unless proving it through action by removing all gold-colored fringed flags from their COURTS or PREMISES, and showing your their oaths, and making oaths to Common Law. You know a court is NOT under Common Law when the name of the court is in capital letters on the external wall of the building, like this: COURT OF WASHINGTON. All use of gold-colored fringes on flags = commercial law/Talmudic law, and obedience to the corporation of Vatican, royalty and the banks AND NOT YOU!

You are your country. You own your country in joint ownership with each and every one of you in your country. The state is an unlawful occupation. The state is a vehicle to steal everything from you, as is government and politics.

If you don't know the difference between a state and a country, learn about it here:

Patrick Cullinane, in this video, was murdered for revealing how Common Law has been removed from our courts. This video has been removed countless times from YouTube.

Note that we no longer have valid governments, laws, police or any departments calling themself "state" as all state is an unlawful foreign occupation of your country. These are all imposters posing as valid employees of a valid system, when all is fraudulent.
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