Cryptid Crawlers and Rakes: Carnivorous Predators that Stalk from Underground Bases
359 views • 04/02/2023

Video sources:Lynn White: "Crawlers and Cryptids"

Lynn White: "Alien Killings"

"Super Soldier Talk with Apollymi"

Black Raven Company "Rake #11 Rake in Portland (USA)"

Black Raven Company "Rake #9 Rake on the roof (USA)"

Black Raven Company "Rake # 14 rake di notte in una casa abbandonata"

Necromancer Valley "Rake Sighting In Ohio"

Runo: "Scary TRUE Crawler Stories | 3 Stories"

"Possible 'Rake' Humanoid Encounters: South Dakota, California & Indiana"

"Pale 'Crawler' Encounter & Attack in Rural Kentucky"

"'Crawler Humanoid' Observed Near Residence in Eastern Kentucky"

"The Pale Crawler; Large Grey Crawling Humanoid in Effingham, Illinois"

"These Spooky Trail Cam Photos Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine"

"Moksha from Earth" about the lighttrap:

"Archons rule Earth" about the 7 planetary rulers:

"Dark Side of Jesus" about John, the true Christos:

Watch: "Jesus was a Usurper",-John-the-Baptist-was-the-True-Christ.-The-Johannite-Tradition.:9

Watch: "The Templar Revelation"

!!! MUST WATCH - Psychic project on "Freedom from Soul-Loosh Harvesting"!!!

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