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Published 2 months ago |
Meet ShadowGate, folks. In this comprehensive documentary, Investigative Reporter, Millie Weaver and two whistle-blowers expose Obama's Deep State (Shadow Government) stay behind network and everything that you didn't know about the massive intelligence agency apparatus that's currently at work in our nation, manipulating politics and undermining the integrity of our Republic in almost every way imaginable. In fact, the information contained in this documentary is so explosive that the Deep State actually had her arrested [on fake Burglary charges], just as she was uploading the Premier of this film to YouTube on 08/14/2020.

Not only will you learn about Clinton, Obama, and John Brennan's clandestine efforts to undermine the Trump presidency, you'll also learn what really happened in the RussiaGate and UkrainianGate scandals. You'll also learn what happened to Hillary's emails, which are still out there. It also exposes Facebook's Deep State connections, as well as important information related to what's happening right now with this giant, worldwide COVID-19 PSYOP/Globalist Coup d'état.

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