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Where are the ΕLITES taking US? Jαy Dyεr Interview: Techn0cracy's plans to ΕNSLΑVΕ us. BY DANA ASHLIE
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Dana Ashlie
Published 2 years ago |
Originally published on Jun 21, 2018

Where exactly are the elites planning to take us? They have been bragging about it for…centuries? Millenia? Here we put together many of the pieces with the help of Jay Dyer, in this fantastic interview on the role of AI ,Technocracy, predictive programming and more.

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Politics is dεad, bc it was set up to fail and the "cοrruptiοn" you see today are ALSO a part of the plan so we all say "Give us something better!" TECHN0CRACY will be their newly proposed “savior” of the world, best to leave the future of the world up to the EXPERTS, but in this system Gοd is nowhere to be found and U are expendable.


Prager U YouTube:

Brave New World – 80’s style.

McGill Univ. MKULTRA piece: Brainwashed The Secret CIA Experiments in Canada by The Fifth Estate

Dr Don Easterbrook and the legendary Climate Change Hearing on CSPAN:


May Peace be with you and May the Truth set you FREE!
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