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ABC censors free speech, deleting scenes from Kennedy's interview
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PJ Glassey
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Published 5 months ago

Here is ABC News explanation as to why a large portion of their interview with John F. Kennedy JR. was not aired.

It's well established that the COVID "vaccine" was a dismal failure and that vaccines have caused autism for decades.

It's also well established that when MSM is presented with truth, it freaks out and censors and deletes said truth,  replacing it with opposite claims. 

Therefore, we have learned to believe the opposite of what MSM claims to be true, especially when they make a special emphasis. Therefore, this confirms the truth on the vax ineffectiveness and link to autism.

This is also a great example of how MSM thinks you aren't smart enough to make informed decisions when you hear two sides on something, so your dumb ass is only allowed to hear their side. That's called propaganda. 

So why would you subject yourself to the propaganda and overt brainwashing of MSM?  

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