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Trusting In The Lord-NOW THE END BEGINS-FEB 4 2024
Published 2 months ago

My brother Jimmy has been hospitalized for nearly 2 months, my mother-in-law is getting ready to start chemo for a tumor, and I have many other friends and loved ones in similar situations. How great would it be to be in possession of the apostolic signs to grant them all a full and immediate physical healing? But that's not what the Lord has given us here in the Church Age, we are called to walk before Him, and with Him, by faith and not by sight. Do you trust Him? Don't answer that right away. Here in the 15th year of Now The End Begins, we are seeing the Lord yet again rearranging the pieces and doing a new work with this ministry He raised up so many years ago. We are slimming down, retooling, rearranging, and refocusing on our clear mandate of getting His word out to a lost and dying world. The other day, we hit a momentary impasse, and it caused a little bit of strife as our 'tinsel got in a tangle' for the better part of a day. Our way suddenly seemed cloudy and unclear, we prayed and committed it to the Lord, and there was silence. Nothing. Did He hear us? Did He answer and we missed it? Much later a text message came through, quite unexpectedly, carrying 'good news from a far country', and in that moment the Lord sounded forth loud and clear. After we gave it to Him. On this Sunday Service, a simple message about walking with the Lord, and trusting in Him to supply everything.

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