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Published 10 months ago

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I still believe the lucky ones that take this shit shot are the ones that die quickly. The ones that linger and the medical mafia, the harmacies and the kill centers (hospitals) get to carve and experiment on are the unlucky ones.

Remember, Bill loves you.

Source: COVID BC:

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Silicone masks are so realistic you can easily be fooled - Who are the people under the masks?

Rub her face in it, slap her ass a few times and toss her out the front door.

'I saw the signs' The signs of the pedophiles and pedovores are everywhere. Watch if you dare

Like a moth to a flame 🔥 Idiots are attracted to high voltage ⚡💥

Why evil Psycho's run the world - Great Rant. He nails it

Some people empower the community for the benefit of all. Then there are those like this...

Well kids...looks like Grandpa's going away for a while. He's off his meds...Again.

Sex for food. More great behavior by the United Nations once you see the blue helmets the game is up

A little more, little gun it! Perfect! What a moron.

Low IQ minds don't work well in an advanced society. Send them back

Here are some ways to test the foods you eat for fake crap- protect yourself

He goes from "Hero" to Zero when the tow rope breaks and gives her a coochie oouchie.

Anheuser-Busch and Bud Light may not survive their marketing screw up - This is hilarious 😳🤣🤣🤣

Man fleeing from cops and shooting at them gets run down - Bang Bang BAM!

Do you think there is room to pass? Oh sure girl go for it. OK!

California was once shown on Maps as an island off the west coast of what is now the USA. Hmm...

Barbara Bush Was A Dude. These People Are Sick Twisted And Evil

Tranny Flipping - Cop throws tranny face down on the sidewalk for kicking him💥😳😆

He may not have any legs but he has guts - fight of the year! 🥊💥

This is what I call cheating death

You kick my truck - I shoot your face - Road rage off the rails Brazilian style

Pictures of a Nazi expedition to Antarctica (1939) Are these real? I will let you be your own judge

Is the government mass producing UFO's? If so why?

So a dumb ass sticks his foot in a gators mouth...guess what happens.

What the hell is so important that you need to brawl over it at public laundry? Guess who.

Antarctica looks like it has an ice wall to me

Brain Death Is A Lie. Don't donate your organs. Very Disturbing Information - Dr. Paul A. Bryne

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