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Todd Coconato Radio Show I Former Actor Turned On-Fire Preacher Exposes Hollywood
Published a month ago

Welcome to this week's radio broadcast of the Todd Coconato Show. 

Today's broadcast is hosted by Pastor Todd Coconato, a former child actor turned on-fire preacher. In this eye-opening podcast series, Pastor Todd takes you on a journey behind the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to shed light on some of its dark truths. Drawing from his personal experiences and insights, he fearlessly exposes the hidden realities of the entertainment industry, touching on subjects that Christian parents must be aware of.

With a heart to protect and guide families, Pastor Todd delves into the subtle influences and values propagated by Hollywood that can impact young minds. Through compelling stories, he provides valuable advice on how Christian parents can navigate this cultural landscape and safeguard their children's spiritual well-being.

Join Pastor Todd Coconato as he fearlessly speaks truth to power, offering a unique perspective that combines his firsthand knowledge of Hollywood with his passion for sharing the transformative power of the Gospel.

Don't miss this anointed podcast that equips Christian parents with the knowledge they need to protect their families and cultivate a Christ-centered worldview amidst the challenges posed by the entertainment industry.


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