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How to Turn ‘Inner Suffering’ into Fuel for Growth
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Published 2 years ago
There’s an old saying that - ‘physical pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional’. Given all the challenging situations we face in the world today, its normal to react negatively. But staying in that state for a long time, helps no one.
Discover a practice that actually uses suffering as ‘fuel’ for creative solutions. By doing this, you can more easily create a better life for yourself and others.
Topics Covered:
02:45 - The concept of SANA versus SIM to manifest growth
07:15 - A suffering state can mean you’re on the verge of a breakthrough
11:05 - A simple framework to live by
16:15 - Discovering how much time you spend in a suffering state
21:30 - Misconceptions in the world of personal growth
19:50 - A quick practice to move from Suffering to Alignment


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