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Fauci statement on vaccines in March 2020 - Quickly deleted by TikTok
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Wake Up to Reality
Published 9 months ago |
This is a bombshell...
If Dr Anthony Fauci was telling the truth in March 2020, today he's hiding the truth.
He's knowingly perpetrated homicide - global homicide.

Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), as Fauci precisely outlined in this video, occurred in 2016 with the Denguevaxia vaccine.
It killed over 600 Filipino children.
The Philippines politicians, bureaucrats and French Pharmaceutical company executives of SanofiPasteur, who produced the vaccine, were charged with homicide for knowing what Fauci knows in this video.
The crime with which Fauci must now be charged.

The world must see this video and call for Anthony Fauci's immediate arrest.

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