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Keeping Your DNA Intact-Vaccine Graphene is Mark of the Beast
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Sons of Single Moms
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Published 2 years ago
Black Goo is the disinformation being pushed to lead you astray from the real information of Dark Programmable Matter. Dark Programmable Matter is the bridge connecting the physical world with the ethereal spiritual world. Dark Programmable Matter is the Jesus Christ of the transhumanist worldview. You become your own god and deny the divinity and sacrifice of the real Christ through manipulation of your DNA. Just as in the days of Noah, genetic manipulation through transhumanism (Doctrine of Demons), such is the same for today. This was the sin of the Watchers (Angels/Sons of God) who took and bred with human wives (Daughters of Men) that gave birth to the Nephilim...the giants who ravaged the earth. Those watchers taught men and women sorcery and cut roots to manipulate genetic code. The doctrine of demons is still the same, now its living in the hearts of technocrats. is where this video and much more can be found.
mark of the beastdnaprogrammable dark matter

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