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More 'Doomsday' Preppers
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Published 5 months ago

A recent study points to a major increase in Americans taking 'prepper' steps. This is up from last year, as well as dramatically up from pre-COVID times. Americans do not trust their government to deal with "doomsday' issues? Will the current Democratic Administration or a possible Republic one be able to prevent what is coming, such as sorrows or the Great Tribulation? Do government leaders despise the word of God and trust in perversity as the prophet Isaiah warned? Does the word of God support the idea of physical preparations? Does the Bible warn that many of those who will flee to the mountains all be protected? Does the Bible tell of Philadelphians being promised physical protection by Jesus, but not other Christians in Revelation 3? Might the USA be gone by 2028 or 2030? Dr. Thiel and Steve Dupuie address these issues.

A written article of related interest is titled 'Poll finds 71.2% of Americans have no faith their government is prepared for ‘doomsday,’ many prepping' URL:


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