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Andrea Sadegh on Reality Brief trauma based mind control - aired 8th of May 2019
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Published 3 years ago |
Round table with Dan and Don from Reality Brief -, May 4th, 2019.
Uploaded with permission from Reality Brief - the original round table recording is to be found here:

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Andrea Sadegh is the founder and owner of - network against torture on toddlers and children, who came into the topic of MK ultra over her son, who was taken by Austrian government into governmental care not even 3 years old after his mind fracture and basis programming became visible within horrible flashbacks.
Latest since then, Andrea was targeted by Intel, as the boy was able to name and recognize 72+ perpetrators with close ties to (inter)national secret service and politics: A dangerous constellation in the birth country of Adolf Hitler, were Nazi operatives are still in charge, cooperating with Mossad, CIA and Russian services on a large scale.

Instead of examining the child in detail over MRT/CT/nuclear medical examination/psychiatrically Austrian government decided to solve the situation in Nazi style: “The more harm we do to the child and his protective mother, the less anyone will be able to believe it.”

So, while the small one has been ongoing tortured every single day since February 2012, after he was taken away, Andrea was hunted down by intel over the whole globe, survived several murder attempts. In January 2019, a picture of him was sent to her, showing him with no teeth, meaning the boy lost all his adult teeth, due to torture, not even 10 years old. This besides other injuries already brought to court in 2011, like the destruction of his inner genitals (castration), needles in his tooth root canal, coccyx, brain stem, etc. besides his massive DID/MPD (deliberately caused multiple personality disorder). Instead of helping – at least the boy – Austrian government was eager to strategically entangle thousands via joining the ritualistic torture of the boy as well via hiding the crime by any means.

Over the years Andrea found out, that not just her beloved son was in an MK ultra-program, but she herself, with a life that has been a total MK slave biography, master-designed by Joseph Mengele himself, including Black Sun programming at the Wewelsburg Castle in Germany, time travel operations, Intel, Montauk chair, SSP, bloodlines, breeding, strategic entanglement, portal teleportation.

Andrea has a master’s degree in comparative literature and German, as well a post-graduate in statistics. She is trained as a trainer, coach, counsellor and is one of the experts on toddlers and children in MK/SRA/child trafficking programs, as well in the modus operandi in involuntary cases.

English Transcript to read:

Andrea Sadegh ist Gründerin und Inhaberin von - Netzwerk gegen Folter an Kleinkindern und Kindern, und ist über ihren Sohn in das Thema MK ultra gekommen, der von der österreichischen Regierung noch nicht einmal 3 Jahre alt in staatliche Obhut genommen wurde, nachdem seine Persönlichkeitsspaltung und Basisprogrammierung in schrecklichen Flashbacks sichtbar wurden.

Anstatt das Kind im Detail über MRT/CT/nuklear-medizinisch/psychiatrisch zu untersuchen, beschloss die österreichische Regierung, das Problem im Nazi-Stil zu lösen: "Je mehr Schaden wir dem Kind und seiner schützenden Mutter zufügen, desto weniger wird es jemand glauben können."

Andrea hat einen Master-Abschluss in Komparatistik und Germanistik sowie einen Abschluss in Statistik. Sie ist ausgebildete Trainerin, Coach, Lebens- und Sozialberaterin und ist eine der weltweiten Expertinnen für Kleinkinder und Kinder in MK/SRA/Kinderhandels Programmen sowie auch für den Modus operandi in unfreiwilligen Fällen.

Deutsches Transkript:
jesuitmk ultrazionistsnazi mind controlsrazersetzungerosionbasic mind fracturethe sadegh casestrategic entanglementwewelsburg castlevon braun familyintel targeting of protective parents

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