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Matt Googing - Experiment 2 - MudWatt experiment with Pursanova water
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Published 2 years ago |
Author: Matt Googing
Laboratory Researcher: Matt Gooding
Location: Ohio

Pursanova: MudWatt experiment with Pursanova water (goes with video) (week5)

In vetting the equipment made by Pursanova, one part of the process involved the use of devices called Mud watts. These devices take water-saturated soil put into a jar along with two carbon plates hooked to a wire that conducts the electrical activity of the soil microbes to an LED light mounted at the top of each jar.

In this experiment, the soil was obtained from an alfalfa field and mixed thoroughly. Equal amounts (by weight) of soil and water [Pursanova water, rainwater (from a cistern) and well water] were mixed in the soil. The amount of water for the successful growth of the microbes was purposely held back to give more depth to the results.

As seen in the videos the jar with Pursanova water started blinking first, ahead of the jars of the other water types. The well water started 14 hours later but burned out by day 3. It started back up again on day 10 and has been intermittent since. The rainwater started 2 weeks into the experiment with rapid activity but quickly burned out.

Pursanova continued activity through day 21 before briefly falling off.
Do to the purposeful lack of water used, all samples at one time stopped activity, but once again Pursanova water was the first one to start back up and sustain a higher blinking rate at week 5. (see video)
It is clear that the permeability of the activated water of Pursanova promotes biological activity over other source waters. Pursanova once again passes with flying colors another impartial test.
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