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Sound Healing Angel Harvest Moon Meditation ISTA Sheryl Scott Twitty and Roxanne Lowery
Sheryl Scott Twitty and Roxanne Lowery brought a beautiful healing meditation together for us this full moon. Sheryl guides us in connecting to Mother Earth, the Universe, and All of Creation in this 48 min meditation.

Sound Healing helps us to balance our energies, clear the mind, among other benefits. I recommend looking into it further if it interest you. There's been amazing research done in the field of sound healing and cymatherapy.

Sheryl and Roxanne recommend to take special care of ourselves during this time to support our healing journey. Some examples of things you can do are take electrolytes with your water, take an epson salt bath, etc.

This was recorded on 9/14/19 at Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore during the time of the Harvest Moon.

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