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Some examples of Bible verses for Jesus Christ's Christians to use in spiritual warfare prayer
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*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and Republic Rebel Alliance battlefront (May 2022). I am attaching a video with some Bible verses you can use in prayer in spiritual warfare when they come to try to shoot you in the head in your apartment lobbies, and use demons to try to suffocate you, and cut off your income, and slaughter your non-Christian families. Nothing can harm you. Do not be afraid. They are original Bible verses before their reptilian hybrid pedophile cannibal Satanist church pastors redefined hundreds of God’s Bible verses, in order to make the millions of meaningless worthless useless Western feminist nations’ religious Christian hordes scared and hide in silence out of fear of getting kidnapped, and hung upside down in the millionaire mansions to have their liver eaten alive, and their home gas pipes blown, and their car remote-controlled off the cliff, and killed like Chris Putnam who sold God’s Word for money by selling Christian books to God’s people. They can only kill the religious Christian hordes, who are redefining Bible verses and rebelling against women’s head coverings so that their heads are controlled by the fallen angels, and flaunting God with their naked women’s head to stick their middle finger up at heaven, and mocking God’s original Bible verses by cross-dressing in “Satan Lucifer’s post-1960s cross-dress-project” men’s trousers, and stealing unbiblical post-1873 10% salary tithe income taxes. Pastors like Russ Dizdar and JD Farag and all these thousands of Illuminati Christian celebrities making huge donations are cowardly traitors who betray their own Christian brothers and throw them out to the Illuminati wolves like some kind of sacrificial meat, in order to save their own selves, even though they claim to have the Holy Spirit discernment of God. Do not trust these pastors, or you will end up betrayed. Show Jesus’ self-sacrificial love to the world and even your enemies the Satanists and witches who Satan Lucifer is planning to exterminate, because Jesus commanded you to love your neighbors and even your enemies. God gave his only begotten son for you so that you may receive forgiveness for sins and the gift of eternal life. Only the “women’s head coverings fallen angel head controlled religious Christian hordes, who will be judged by sword & famine & plague & demon armies, intentionally reject & ignore the truth and cannot discern truth from fiction, because they do not have the Holy Spirit, and hence, they are silent cowards, too, and not a single organization tries to kill them and slaughter their families. Even worse, they insult God by trying to appease both God and Satan Lucifer by modifying & diluting & sterilizing & picking & choosing & editing the 100% truth of God we real Christians warn them with, in order to make it safe from assassinations and ridicule from church donators. This is treachery beyond treachery by these pastors and church members. It is multiple proof of who they are. Expose their Queen Elizabeth and Katy Perry and Hillary Clinton and Princess Kate and Mother Teresa and Oprah Winfrey and Pastor Joyce Meyer and Pastor Paula White and Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Melinda Gates and Vanessa Kirby and Madonna and Taylor Swift and Gloria Vanderbilt and Angelina Jolie and Kamala Harris and Greta Thunberg and Angela Merkel and Emma Watson and Ursula von der Leyen and Meghan Markle and millions of other names we real Christians exposed to you. Do not condone them and their Pedogate Pizzagate “White House Pizza Night” mass murder lesbian rape cannibal eating of our 12 million children. If you hide their names, you are condoning them and you are accomplices to their crimes.

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