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You are UN Slave to Info on Chinese Database from 1960s
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Please contact Ron DeSantis and ask him to resign from the B.A.R. (British Accreditation Registry) Association. Please contact Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump and send this information.

According to the US Constitution as ratified, with last signer being Virginia, around 1810, B.A.R. Association lawyers can’t become elected officials while members of the B.A.R. or face prosecutions, forfeiting their assets, and if they aren’t convicted of treason and executed, or imprisoned, to have their citizenship stripped and deported.

So, the highest ranking non-B.A.R. Association affiliated elected official might be the one who is rightfully in charge of the United States of America, the country, not the corporation. I Steven G. Erickson a natural born person, dissolve my relationship with UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the corporation, and declare myslef an Natural Born Citizens of the Country of United States of America as first citizen of USA 2.0, the country.

I ask this highest ranking official to declare Martial Law, order the military to conduct elections on paper ballots, hand counted, allowing only properly registered voters with proper ID to vote in these special elections. I ask that all B.A.R. Association individuals holding elected office be arrested by the military to face trial by 9 popularly elected Supreme Grand Jurors who hold office for one 8 year term only to proceed, and prosecute, those arrested by military, and to impose punishments equal to the crimes for those convicted.

Please share, subscribe, comment, vote.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson, Chief Administrator US Constitution Party
215 South Broadway Suite 217
Salem, NH 03079 USA ,

My opinion is that Vladimir Putin made the best decision, given no other strategic option left. Vietnam is already occupied by China as are many other countries. Hong Kong and Taiwan are to completely fall. If we the people do not do something, so will the USA, officially. The Bidens, Clintons, and Obamas took Chinese money and or sex with children in exchange for selling you out.
breaking newswarvladimer putin for us president is better choice than joe bidenus constitution party

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