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Funeral director Lauren on vaxx-induced calamari clots, increased death rate, adverse effects
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Published 13 days ago

24 JAN 2024. Board certified dually licensed funeral service professional Lauren from Mississippi shares that something has significantly changed since the introduction of the COVID jabs:

- The death range has significantly enlarged. Way more infants and young people in general are dying.

- Way more deaths among the whole population, especially in the elderly. This is happening all across the state and is putting a strain on professionals in the funeral industry.

- Before 2021, almost all bodies could be preserved by pumping embalming in from one location. Since 2021 this is no longer possible due to blockages all over the body. Each body part needs to be filled with embalming fluid individually. Even this may not be sufficient, and an external method of embalming may be required.

- Before 2021, embalmers had chemicals that were effective at dissolving blockages in the vascular system, so embalming fluid could replace blood. Since 2021 these same chemicals no longer work, so the composition of the blockages must have changed.

- The never-before-seen calamari clots keep their integrity, whereas clots before 2021 used to be like jelly and dissolves when you press or pull on them.

- Lauren is seeing diseases that young people should not be experiencing, such as strokes, heart attacks, myocarditis.


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