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2022 Comes In With A Roar and The Roaring Has Only Begun! 1/3
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Published a year ago |
January 9 2022 Straight Shooting News
2022 Comes In With A Roar and The Roaring Has Only Begun!

Why Does Evil Always Fail, Because Empires Build on Lies instead of facts always crumble. The Truth Will Crush Lies. In 2022 it will be up to We The People to correct the wrongs and then the USA be like the Phoenix that rises from the ashes to rescue the Free World, or comply to the Plan for Global Slavery.

We begin with the mandate cases in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, because how the Court rules will determine what lies ahead in the upcoming months in the Fight between A Free Society much like Our Founders Wrote for us all, or Government Tyranny.

Next we will move to the intense informational war over the mandates over forcing the jabs on us all. You will understand much better the importance of the U.S. SJC Ruling by the end of part II, and whether or not Our Founders design has been perverted or not.

In Part III We will expose the desperation of the criminal element that has infested Our Government.

Part One:
The U.S. Supreme Court
27 states and The Federation of U.S. Businesses
Where does the power of OSHA Stop? Can it dictate how you live and your health?
Danger over the delay of the Court Findings
What are the dangers of having activists justices who inject their opinion instead of rule of “Constitutional Law”
What are the dangers of having misinformed justices spewing out false information?
The U.S. Supreme Court has the final say in all cases and was not designed by Our Founders to inject opinion, but to review cases and apply them to The Ultimate Law of The Land: The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Marbury vs. Madison from 1803 established “A Law repugnant to the Constitution is void.”

Dhillon has a client in the case and she validates my points about how the Justices violate the rules of the court.

Domenech of the Federalist, is correct “We are being led by idiots”
CNN is the activist’s information source. Sotomayor doesn’t even understand the U.S. Constitution, and maybe that is why Obama put her on the Supreme Court along with Kagen, whom I disagree with Laura about being very intelligent, she is a Progressive Arrogant Sneak Maybe, but she even she can’t think that anyone who understands the duties of the Supreme Court will believe her.

The Attorney General of Missouri involved in the case
Mandate Climate Change

The Upcoming Election, hmmm?

A Broad expansion of bureaucratic power, or in other words the power of people NOT elected by We The People that we are funding with our tax dollars’

Remember Taxation without Representation and where that led?

The importance of the upcoming U.S. SJC Ruling cannot be understated at this time relating to where we as a country and a people are heading! Stay tuned and We Here at SSN will keep everyone up dated.

Let’s end with Justices Gorsuch and Alito

Workers will quit and will bankrupt companies and our country!
Protection of the Vaccinated worker from the Unvaccinated workers.

Let That Sink In!

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